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Friday, May 18, 2007

Railsconf 2007, Day 2

No midday update today, as I just didn't find the time to sit down in a quiet place. Bits and pieces:

  • If you're going to put your company's website name on the back of a truck where it will be glanced at by passerby, it should be something easy to read -- i.e. something other than Let's just say I had to read it twice to get it right.
  • When you're the King of Web Frameworks, you can wear whatever the hell you want to. I spotted DHH this afternoon after his keynote, and he was sporting testarossa red shoes.
  • Talk 1 this morning was on "Full-stack Web App Testing with Selenium and Rails." Geek out! This is a testing program that actually drives your web browser automatically, which makes it much better than forcing your kids to test your web app out (it doesn't cry or demand toys as payment).
  • Talk 2 was more of a product pitch, about using Amazon's EC2 service. While it is an incredibly cool service, the "testimonial" did mention a few kinks yet to be worked out. This is probably how we'll do all datacenter stuff in 10 years, and we'll wonder why we ever provisioned our own physical servers.
  • Talk 3 was from Rabble (I have to call him that because I heard another speaker address him that way in casual conversation) about going back and adding tests to your "legacy" Rails apps. Legacy Rails apps. I feel old already! Basically he talked about how to reform your wayward programming practices and move toward proactive testing.
  • Talk 4 was probably my favorite, "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants" by Adam Keys. Adam spoke about the value of reading source code written by others, especially code written by the "cool kids" of the Rails community. This is an area I've meant to look into for awhile, but never got around to. No more procrastination! It looked like too much fun to miss.
  • The last time slot of the day didn't have anything of interest, so I took the MAX into downtown and headed for Mecca, aka Powell's City of Books. I should have set an alarm on my phone or something, but I didn't and so I spent a little over an hour and a half happily browsing the stacks. I almost bought the Bach and Beethoven action figures but couldn't figure out who would want them.

Now tomorrow, you may be in for a real treat: I have been invited to a bout of the local Roller Derby league, the Rose City Rollers. Wait, what? The story of how I got to this point is too long to type, so just hold your breath and wait to see if I actually make it to the derby.

Where are the pictures? Well, I left my USB cable in the hotel room. I'll have to post pix in the morning. You'll just have to let my words paint a picture in your head for now.