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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Railsconf 2007, Day 1: so far

Quick thoughts while I munch:

  • Apparently those symbols on restroom doors aren't as universal as I thought (saw an Asian-looking fellow hurriedly leaving a women's restroom).
  • I have been surprised by the percentage of females here -- it's gotta be above 10%, and I can't remember another tech conference with anywhere near those numbers.
  • Oh yeah, the tutorial: Thomas Fuchs admitted that the documentation for scriptaculous "sucks."  That was worth the price of admission for me.
  • I'm currently eating a "Oregon Chicken Breast Sandwich."  At the risk of getting in trouble back home... I've never seen a breast like this before.
  • Someone is recording a podcast... in the main hall.  During lunch.  They deserve all the background noise they get (and if you hear someone blowing their nose really loudly in the background... yeah, that was me).
  • I had several good lunch conversations, including one with a fellow whose badge said he was with Real Girls Media Networks.  I expected... something else.
  • The weather in the Pacific Northwest is not at all like the weather in Northwest Arkansas.  I probably should have taken this into account when packing.

If you've ever wondered what a sea of nerds might look like... gaze upon the very thing: