It is almost, but not quite, completely unlike tea.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I'm a winner!

If your mom ever tells you you won't accomplish anything sitting on your rear end, tell her you know better.  Tanga (think woot with a less rigid schedule and, generally, more interesting products) offered up a challenge on their blog this afternoon: find TangaJoe and get $25 in credit.  This evening while I was lounging at the OCC, who should sit down across from me but the wanted man himself.  I don't normally go around asking people if they are TangaJoe, so I used the comments section of his blog to see if I had him.  Score!  Thanks to TangaJoe (and Tanga the company) for being such a good sport.  Now I can finally get that Microsoft wireless keyboard and fingerprint reader wait, what?  Oh well, maybe tomorrow they'll have something better.