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Sunday, July 15, 2007

good ole mom

Earlier tonight, I was reminded of a time when the greatest trauma I knew was waiting to have a splinter removed  from my finger.  β got a splinter in her finger while playing at a friend's house earlier tonight, and it fell to me to get it out.  Remember that I ranked this as one of the greatest traumas of my young life, and this is one of my progeny.  I will say this: for a girl, she put up a pretty good fight.  In the end, though, sanity  (and my stronger hands) won out and the splinter was removed.  Oh, and she got rocky road ice cream as a reward.  I don't remember that part from when I was a kid!  I do, however, remember that Mom was pretty calm, and I usually ended up laughing because it tickled.  Thanks, Mom -- I never knew how tough that part was.

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Wendy said...

Yea, yea, yea. Take all the glory! Where was _I_ during all this? Behind Beta, holding her other arm down and fending off her older sister. I wonder what people will say when they realize that YOUR WIFE had to hold her down while you dug out the splinter? Ok. Ok. Maybe I shouldn't have said that. But you could have said "we" got the splinter out. I didn't get off scot free, you know.

Ok. Just kidding! Love you!!!!! xoxoxoox