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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Gear I Use: Aerostich Evap-o-Danna

When I'm doing research on the internets about stuff I want to buy, my favorite find is a personally written review of the product.  Therefore, I figured I ought to write one or two of these things myself to give a little back.  Enter the Evap-O-Danna from Aerostich.  This item seems odd to me, since it's sold by a Minnesota company but is much more suited to the climate of the Southern United States (where I happen to be).  It works like this: you soak the fabric in water (it holds a lot), wring it out, and attach it around your neck via velcro.  As you ride, the water evaporates and cools off your neck (home to some big blood vessels, and therefore a good place to keep cool).
I used to think one of those neck tube thingies would be neat, but they just look... girly.  This looks more like something a cowboy would wear.  My beloved wife bought me the competition model, which is double-layer and can hold ice between the layers.  If you ride where it's hot, this is a handy item to have in your tankbag.  Stay cool!

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